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       Light Force Academy (LFA), Order of the Paladin, is one of the fastest growing programs for adults, children, and families in Santa Clarita. Students are instructed in the art of Light Force Saber Combat (LFSC), one of the only complete and original Saber Combat System's in the United States. Developed by the Masters of Light Force Academy, the LFSC system utilizes methods and techniques of weapon combat from several disciplines: Japanese Kendo & Bojutsu, Korean Haidong Gumdo, Chinese Jian Sword, Fencing, Filipino Escrima, and various historical European weapon arts (i.e. long sword, cutlass, rapier, pike, etc.). Utilizing traditional weapons arts in a fun and engaging atmosphere, students will have the opportunity to learn, train and compete in an official tournament dueling capacity, using high quality LED stunt sabers. 

       Light Force Academy offers an effective yet safe method of weapons training that is both extremely fun and rewarding! In addition to being challenged both physically and mentally through various exercises and drills, students will learn important life skills through constant focus on the Light Force Academy motto: Discipline, Honor, Respect.

Light Force Academy has two main aspects to its program: The Academy and The Alliance. Please click the links above to learn more about each aspect of our program. Thank you for choosing LFA to begin/continue your journey to mastering the Art of Saber Combat.

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