League Ranks show the rankings of anyone who has competed in a Light Force Academy or Light Force Saber League sanctioned competition. Each competitor will accumulate points during each tournament for various accomplishments. Points will be awarded for the following: 1 point for every competition entered, 1 point for every match won, 1 additional point for entering the brackets, 2 additional point for every bracket match won, 30 points for every 1st place, 20 points for every 2nd place, 10 points for every 3rd place, and 5 point for every 4th place. Points will be removed for the following penalties: -3 points for match disqualification, and - 10 points for being ejected from a competition. Points will carry over to every competition for the season. The top 3 highest point holders will be awarded prizes and special recognition at the final competition of the season or special awards banquet. Points will automatically reset at the beginning of the next season.


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Light Force Academy

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