The Academy is the formal training & curriculum of Light Force Academy. This is where members will be able to learn, train, and rank up in the complete, original, and very effective methods of the Light Force Saber Combat System. Our methods have been derived by combining many different weapons styles from both Asian & European weapon combat and modifying them to work best with the "rounded blade".  


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Light Force Academy

24502 Lyons Ave.          

Santa Clarita, Ca. 91321

© 2016 Light Force Academy. All rights reserved. Light Force Academy, nor any component of it nor the context in which the art of saber combat is taught, is not associated with, approved or endorsed by, the Walt Disney Company, Star Wars, LUCASFILM LTD, LFL LTD, or other owners of I.P. connected with the Star Wars franchise or trademark.

*Lightspeed-saber fencing® is a registered trademark of Lightspeed Saber League LLC.