Welcome to the newest, most exciting, high-energy sport to join the saber combat community…KYBER WARS! This brand-new sport utilizes methods of saber combat in a team play setting. Saber combat is constantly growing and evolving, with many new clubs, academies, and leagues popping up all over the world with all groups focusing on training and competing in a one-on-one setting.  Our group here at Light Force Academy and Light Force Saber League have worked tirelessly at creating another fun and exciting method of saber combat in a Team Sport setting! This new option allows for larger groups to engage in a high-energy event using strategy and skill to defeat the opposing team by capturing their crystal canister. Kyber Wars is designed to offer members of any league, club or academy to form a 6-member team to compete in a mutli-team tournament season with the final championship event taking place at the end of the season.  Players of the winning team from each event will each receive their own crystal (colored the same as their team color) to collect as a small token representing number of battles won. The championship team at the end of the season will receive trophies for each member of their team AND their team’s name on the plaque section of the giant KYBER WARS TROPHY which has the team name of every season championship team on it. The crystal will then be lit with the color of the current championship team until there is a new winner the next season. Please read through our gameplay and we look forward to seeing you and your team out in the field!