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Lightspeed Saber League is a small but growing network of clubs and schools, all pioneering the sport and art of Lightspeed-saber fencing®. LSL seeks to promote this new take on fencing and lightsabers, all while teaching people its ways, running competitions, and exploring new techniques and strategies, making it highly unique in the pantheon of weapons combat.

Lightspeed-saber fencing is a new form of fencing which does not use a foil, epee or saber, but instead a "Lightspeed-saber": an LED-illuminated sword equipped with a featherweight 3/4" polycarbonate blade. Lightspeed-saber fencing does not shy from the challenges presented by an ultralight, ultra deadly “sword” with no edge and no handguards. It treats the LED-saber as a real lightsaber or plasma sword, and as such, its techniques and tactics are informed by this nature.

Many traditional sword concepts and techniques do not apply to Lightspeed-saber fencing. Rather than see this as a hindrance, it is embraced as a chance to reevaluate— but appreciate— old ideas, and create new ones.

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